Cool Animal Fact of the Day

Not that I do this every day, but whatev.

A tiger’s roar contains “infrasound” that acts to physically paralyze its prey and also allows tigers to communicate over great distances.  Read more here.

On this page, under “Multimedia,” you can listen to a tiger’s roar.  Pretty sweet.

I am a huge animal lover and can’t seem to learn enough about them: I think it’s because (and this is depressing but true) often, I can see God’s stamp on them more unambiguously than I can on people.  So, learning about animals and thinking about them is comforting and calming for me.

Really, I can understand how the actions of human beings can dishearten people and make them wary of believing in God.  The things people do to one another are truly Satan’s most effective weapon against our redemption.  What I cannot understand is how anyone can really take a good hard look at nature–animals, space, oceans, trees, the human  body, everything–and not see the creativity and ordered design behind it all; the endless layers of intricate components in each living thing.  Will we ever get to “the bottom” of creation? We’re at sub-sub particles now: the discovery of every level indicates one below, and conversely, we keep finding out that space is bigger than we thought (macroverses and multiverses and white holes, oh my!).  The people I pity most in the world are those who can look at or study those things their whole lives, but not have the imagination or courage to embrace the meaning behind it; rather, they see only mindless “evolution” that comes from nowhere, is headed nowhere, and has no real purpose or author.   Breaks my heart a lil’ bit.

~ by lewdandlascivious on May 24, 2007.

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