My Brothers Rule

I have two brothers, and they’re both brilliant and 24-7 funny–and alpha males.  I received the following email from one of my brothers, after I emailed him asking his opinion on two guns I was thinking of buying at some point in the future (SIG Sauers):


The 232 is a great little shooter.  In fact, A_____ [my sister in law] has the predecessor model. . .the P230 (minor mods, but the same caliber and functionality).  Let’s get together so you can put some rounds through it.  The same applies with all firearms, really.  The SIGs are top shelf, but the most important consideration is how they shoot for you.  Grip width, perceived recoil, caliber chamber, mag capacity, and ammo loadout capabilities are all aspects to consider (not to mention the actual loading and racking of a round). . .aspects best evaluated at the range. 

The ones you have picked are very nice though. [. . . .]  Oh, and I can understand Miss Margaret’s desire to bear arms [I had remarked that my cat Miss Margaret wanted to exercise her 2nd Amendment rights, but that Feline Americans were a persecuted minority].  Tacitus and Boo [his cats] drool whenever they see a jacketed hollow point, or detect the scent of gunpowder residue (or, as I like to call it, “the smell of freedom”).

Will I ever find a guy as amazing as my brothers?  They’re so rad. 

~ by lewdandlascivious on May 23, 2007.

One Response to “My Brothers Rule”

  1. I want to meet your brothers. Very jealous that you got two of them!

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