Leo, Leo, Leo.

Well, I’m back.  Trying to get settled into my new apartment in Arkansas, going about the business of relocating my life, etc.  Right at this very moment, I’m taking a break from painting bookshelves and am watching The Departed for the second time today as I paint bookshelves. 

 Leo is going on about the environment again, as he is wont to do.  He is worried that we will all become extinct if we don’t mend our wasteful, polluting ways, and doesn’t like the criticism of St. Gore’s egregious hypocrisy:  “Don’t shoot the messenger. . . .This person is trying to relay a message to the public and the way that he travels should not be splayed out like that.”  Leo goes on to describe the many ways by which he strives to be more environmentally responsible:  “I do try to live my life in a green manner. I have installed solar panels in my house and the car that I drive is a hybrid one. . . .But it’s more about the day-to-day things, being conscious about being a consumer, about looking to endorse green technology. People ask, ‘what can a hybrid car do?’ It’s not about that. It’s about being a consumer, the choices you make everyday.”

First, I’d like to say that if this is really where DiCaprio stands–as a reasonable person encouraging others to embrace cleaner technology and to become less wasteful in their daily lives–then I applaud him for that.  But what frustrates me is how DiCaprio and all the other wealthy and powerful people pushing the eco-agenda refuse to hold their standard bearer to the lofty principles they hold so dear.  It should go without saying that if Al Gore wants everyone on earth to burn fewer fossil fuels, then the least Gore can do  is demonstrate how that might be achieved.  Maybe our worldly princes could take commercial flights, for instance.  Is that too much to expect?  Or is it only the unwashed masses who must take buses or ride bikes to work?

I think it is wonderful that DiCaprio drives a hybrid car and has installed solar panels in his home.  But most people cannot remotely afford to do that–and how long has it been since DiCaprio, Gore, Bono et al. had to worry about paying the monthly light bill?  One thing I love about Bush is that his ranch is on the cutting edge of green home technology, yet he refrains from preaching to those struggling to make ends meet.  Does DiCaprio acknowledge and respect President Bush’s personal choices in this regard?  I wonder.  Because if Leo really just wants to encourage individuals to embrace green technology, then Bush should be someone he admires.  Instead, Leo praises Al Gore, whose profligate wastefulness and hyper-consumption has been so unfortunately exposed to all the little people.  I, for one, think the messenger absolutely should be shot–figuratively/metaphorically speaking, of course–when he demands major life-changing sacrifice from everyone else on the face of the earth, yet gives nothing himself (and if any lib is thinking about drawing a boneheaded analogy to soldiers fighting in wars, please don’t.  I will quickly and mercilessly flay you online.)

I wish every celebrity and publicity-hungry politician genuflecting at the altar of St. Gore’s pseudo-religion would do the following:

*  Refuse to be chauffeured around in limousines, and drive only their hybrid cars when they go about their daily business, whether that be going to the grocery store or attending a movie premiere.  Oh, and only have one or two cars, instead of the obscene fleet of expensive automobiles we all know they have.

*  Take commercial flights whenever they travel by air.  No more private jets, no more studio freebie flights on the pet Lear.  And you know, maybe they could travel a bit less, or leave the entourage at home when they feel that they absolutely must travel to the Continent for the 8th time in a month.

*  If it’s now ok to say one thing and do another, with no apology or exposure to criticism whatsoever, then start giving Christians a break.  At least most of us acknowledge that we are sinners, and hey–admit that it takes some balls to believe in a religion based on your own sinfulness.  It wouldn’t kill Al Gore to admit his sins and repent, and it would only help the environmental movement if its proponents showed some humility and willingness to begin change “at home.”

Sorry for this long-ass post, but I want to say one more thing.  I am in awe of Leonardo DiCaprio as an actor.  Although it’s really, really hard for me to ever figure out who rules The Departed (in every scene, it’s exceptional actors at the top of their game, going head-to-head), I think DiCaprio wins by a nose.  Except when Mark Wahlberg is in the scene, and then it’s a tie.  Does anyone else feel this way?  I watch these actors and it is just incredibly satisfying to drink in their performances.  And I think DiCaprio is one of the very best–great looking, ridiculously charismatic, and shockingly gifted.  Really, I don’t think I would enjoy The Departed more if DiCaprio, Baldwin, Sheen, Nicholson, and Damon were Reagan conservatives.  But I do wish fewer of these artists had their heads up their asses offscreen.  Are any of them worried in the slightest about the R.O.P. hordes yearning to kill or subjugate all of us?  Man, I wish.


~ by lewdandlascivious on May 19, 2007.

6 Responses to “Leo, Leo, Leo.”

  1. I think Leo was partly wrong when he answered “”This person is truly trying to relay a message to the public and the way he travels and the way he leads his life should not be splayed out like that.”.
    Partly because actually I think Dicaprio was right when he answered sarcastically “No, I took a train across the Atlantic.” He said he took a commercial flight to come to Cannes. Except with a long travel in a boat, or swimming he couldn’t do it another way. That was a stupid question.

    I’m pretty sure that Dicaprio doesn’t like Bush because the guy don’t care about the environment…f he was, he would have sign the kyoto protocol.

  2. I agree that if Leo is sincere about this position, then it’s a-ok in my book. He values the environment, and spends his money in a way to protect it. I don’t even mind his or Dr. Gore’s making suggestions (hypocrisy aside). However, it annoys me that they expect everyone–including those people they squeeze out of employment with their ever rising minimum wage–to spend the extra money for green technologies, and are willing, eager even, to use the force of government to compel compliance. Now certainly, many green technologies, such ans energy efficient appliances will save money over the long run, but the the initial cost–even accounting for the long run savings (which must be discounted, time value of money, blah, blah blah)–may be more than many can bear. If Mssrs. DiCaprio and Gore are really concerned about a time crunch, then why don’t they do more than buy and preach green–why not invest even more of the copious amounts of money they make in green technology producers. Supporting these industries with capital will help the producers of these technologies to develop and thus provide these technologies at prices that even their domestic staff can afford. Do more work with the market, which though perhaps harder, has a much better track record of success than does government.

    PS glad to see you back!

  3. Is it just me or is life imitating art? I think Leo is turning into his character from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

  4. You’re back online!! 🙂

    George Bush’s house uses less energy than the average American home. It recycles water, has eco-friendly plants, and does all of that good stuff that we are all supposed to do. I don’t see why Al Gore can’t afford that.

    It’s easy to be eco-friendly when you live, like Leo, in Malibu, California. You don’t need heat in the winter or A/C in the summer. That brings me to my big complaint about the environmental movement: they think that the Earth will be a happy, friendly place to live if we cease our civilisation-building activity. They seem to forget that, even a few hundred years ago, the Earth was entirely inhospitable to humanity. We’ve made it livable by creating civilisation.

  5. Amen, Theo! As usual, you nail it.

    TT, you are a hoot and a half as always, but I can’t have nobody ripping on my Leo too hard. It really does seem like he’s coming out in a reasonable fashion on this issue– because I do love him, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt on that if/until I see he’s being a moonbat. And did I mention to you that I’m starting my big doctor-supervised diet in mid-June? I will probably need your support and advice.

    Au, welcome. Are you from abroad? Hope you’ll come back. I’m sure I’ll get pissed off soon at something and start some trouble. Always fun to fight on the Internet.

  6. Thank you, Lewd! 🙂

    Incidentally, you should read “My Big Fat Greek Diet” by Nicholas Yphantides (I think I spelled his last name correctly). He dropped over 200 pounds by going on a protein shake diet. To break up the monotony, he bought a RV and drove around the country, watching baseball games, and drinking nothing but protein shakes for six months. He’s also a Christian, so you would enjoy reading him.

    (If you can’t find him in the bookstore, I can get you a copy. The ‘rents did his website – healthsteward.com.)

    TotalTransformation: Lewd is a babe. Don’t let her tell you otherwise.

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