Fred Rules

Word on the conservative street is that Fred Thompson made a mistake by not participating in the buck-and-shuffle clusterf**k we call the “candidate’s debate.”  I say, screw the candidate’s debate.  It’s May of 2007, for heaven’s sake.  Debates at this point are just chum for our slavering media sharks: truly engaged voters are not making decisions about the next election, and Fred Thompson knows that. . .which makes me respect him even more.  

One of the things I like about Thompson–aside from his conservative bona fides–is that he isn’t going to play this thing according to focus groups or cheesy, stringbean, suck-up Beltway number-crunchers.  If he runs, he’ll do it because he feels called to do it.  He doesn’t need to posture and gesture and pound a podium with the rest of the tap-dancers in order to make his presence known.  If he runs, he runs.  If he wins, he wins.  If he doesn’t, guess what?  He has a life.  You know what that’s called, my friends and neighbors?  That’s what used to be known as a “man.” 

I would trust Fred Thompson to have his hand on The Button, and I trust him to smack down the children populating the formerly venerable institution we call the United States Congress.   I’ll vote for the next best guy if I have to, but I’d really rather see an honest-to-goodness, wise old man in the White House.  I want Law & Order’s newest D.A. in the Oval Office, because I trust his judgment and I admire his detachment from the Beltway game.   Bottom line.

Do you think for one second that Fred Thompson would curtsy to the crazy R.O.P. crowd, much less their appeasing collaboraters?  Girl, please

Go on with your bad self, Fred.  You have my vote.


~ by lewdandlascivious on May 4, 2007.

9 Responses to “Fred Rules”

  1. I’m with you. In a word, he comes across as a leader. I’m aligned with him on virtually every issue, but even if I wasn’t I’d still like him.

  2. I may like Fred, but the fact that he has shown little to demonstrate he wants to run, announce for goodness sakes, and didn’t run for the Senate when he was a shoo-in because he didn’t like campaigning and would rather be on TV than in politics.

    Nothing wrong with those choices, but hardly bona fides for the job of President of the United States. Give me someone who wants the job.

  3. I like him more and more each week.

  4. The Pink Elephant is far from ready to make an endorsement of any candidate (but is very ready to refer to himself pompously in the third person). However, the more I hear about Fred the more I like. “Wait a second” someone hypothetically might say, “he’s not pro gay marriage!” However, please note that none of the DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES have supported gay marriage, preferring instead the less politically charged civil unions. Note Further that Fred is about the the most Federalist of any Republican candidates, preferring States to decide for themselves where they fall on many social issues, including civil unions/gay marriage. That means that although he would oppose federal legislation legalizing civil unions, he would also oppose any that prohibits gay marriage. That’s what I like to see.

  5. The Pink Elephant is far from ready to make an endorsement of any candidate (but is very ready to refer to himself pompously in the third person).

    Ahem! There is nothing wrong with referring to oneself, pachydermal in nature, in the third person. 🙂

  6. Finals over yet?

  7. I like fred thompson too though I’m not ready to land on anyone in particular. You sure sell him well though!

  8. It’s been two weeks now, lewd! We gonna ever hear from you again?

  9. Well, I kept her up to all hours last night gossiping, so probably sometime later. I don’t know if she’s set up computer access yet.

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