Fruits of a Culture of Appeasement

Unchecked waves of immigrants, who are never expected to assimilate.  Slavish devotion to the false religion of Multiculturalism, which defines offense as the gravest sin.  A nation that proudly leads the way in cradle-to-grave welfare state.

What do you get when you put these together?  You get The Netherlands.  I’m just going to quote the whole article (link here):  it’s a jaw-dropper.

AMSTERDAM, 27/04/07 – A school in Amsterdam has halted lessons on rural life because the Islamic children refused to talk about pigs. Reporting this, Alderman Lodewijk Asscher said he wants to take “tough measures.” Subsidies for all kinds of dubious groups must stop and parents of unruly children penalised financially.

Asscher told newspaper De Volkskrant: “A primary school in Amsterdam-Noord has decided no longer to teach about living on a farm. Various pupils began to demolish the classroom when the pig came up for discussion. Apparently it has gone that far. These children, 9, 10 years old, have not been given even the most elementary rules at home about why they must go to school.”

Asscher, who is also the Labour (PvdA) leader in Amsterdam, wants to subject the parents to an ‘upbringing requirement,’ enforced with negative financial spurs. He is thinking of cuts in the children’s allowance or lower welfare payments. In the Lower House, Youth and Family Minister Rouvoet recently rejected a plea for this from Party for Freedom (PVV).

Asscher also wants to prune the forest of subsidies for all kinds of foundations and organisations that say they work for multicultural goals. They receive 160 million euros annually from Amsterdam. Asscher wants to work out for each of these organisations in the “welfare industry” whether they do useful work and if not, halt the subsidy.

Asscher gave an example of abuse: “A Moroccan man took 50 youths off the streets, who were really an enormous nuisance. Now they collect wheelchairs for the handicapped in Surinam, Morocco and Turkey. Suddenly, a welfare body was set up alongside him, which is now trying to take the boys over from him, because they would then receive subsidies of 4,000 to 6,000 euros per kid. They are too timid to take these lads of the street themselves and now want them in their card-index because of the subsidy. Our Moroccan volunteer does not want to do it any more. I understand him.”

Asscher is also shocked by the powerlessness of welfare bodies who try to talk criminal youngsters back onto the right track. In Slotervaart district, a mother of 10 children, of whom half have a criminal record, is guided by 35 different social workers, the alderman discovered. They have little or no idea of what each other is doing, according to Asscher.

Notice how no one suggests the rambunctious little R.O.P.’ers might be expelled for openly demolishing their classroom, during classHeavens, no!  Just tax/fine their parents a little more or reduce their welfare subsidies when the kiddies act up.   Right.  Because that would really make a difference with people who are so fricking irrational and crazy that they teach their children that pigs cannot be spoken of.  I’m sure giving folks like that a ticket, or shaving off a few dollars from their welfare handouts, will really sock it to ’em and teach them the error of their ways.  Rest in peace, Netherlands.  We hardly knew ye.

This is where the U.S. is headed if we’re not careful: a nation of bewildered, weak sheep who are too dumb to realize that they’re being led to the slaughter.  It’s no wonder the R.O.P. head-loppers are so convinced they’ll conquer the West–we’re doing the hard work for them.  


~ by lewdandlascivious on April 27, 2007.

12 Responses to “Fruits of a Culture of Appeasement”

  1. I love bacon. Just sayin’.

    Hey, Bridget says you are a Spinal Tap fan (I mentioned them in my Weekly Roundup). Very cool. Your blog goes up to 11!

  2. I’m a vegetarian and I’ll talk about pigs… and cows, chickens, lambs, deer, and turkeys. 😉

    So far, I haven’t commented on this because I don’t understand it. You mean to say that the parents of the kids who act up will receive less government largesse?

    Frightening. If anyone would like to join me on a small capitalist/libertarian cooperative island, I’ll be leaving next week.

  3. By “cooperative,” I of course mean in the sense of, say, Galt’s Gulch – perhaps “federation” or “republic” would have been better.

  4. I am with our chocolate-loving friend here. My initial head-shaking about the rambunctious brats was quickly overtaken by my incredulity at the amount of money being bled on welfare programs. I wonder at what point Americans will wake up and see that we are headed down this very scary road?
    This line in particular makes me shudder:
    “These children, 9, 10 years old, have not been given even the most elementary rules at home about why they must go to school.”
    Why must they go to school? I am going to look into the homeschool climate in the Netherlands…

  5. I would laugh if this wasn’t so pathetic.

    Speaking of which, check out this crazy Muslim’s blog- he lives in the Netherlands and hates it

    This post is an example of him in rare form

  6. I don’t trust vegetarians — I figure if you can’t eat an innocent animal, what ARE you capable of?

    Well this article certainly puts me in a dilemma. On the one hand, I have my bleeding heart and the concept of “melting pot,” that our Founding Fathers hoped would make us different from the bigotry of the rest of the world. Freedom of religion, freedom from hunger, and the like.

    However, I see that a welfare state can be a slippery slope, and law school has certainly been pushing me in a more libertarian direction since its start. The children “rioting” is ridiculous. I don’t understand a religion that promotes ignorance. What difference is talking about farming and pigs going to make? Are they worried a “pig” will destroy the religion and bring the world into a immoral Armageddon? (That’s not a statement as much as an actual question — someone explain that, please)

  7. There’s no dilemma for you–it’s pretty simple.

    The various freedoms we all share in America work fine as long as there are baseline priciples of civilization and morality we all are expected to adhere to. In that way, even our most fundamental freedoms are circumscribed; i.e., in the United States you are free to worship Allah, but you may not kill your sister in his name because she was raped. The problem in the Netherlands and many other European nations is that they have taken multiculturalism to its farcical and self-destructive conclusion, and in adherence to it have lost the moral clarity needed to place even basic checks on immigrants of the Peaceful Muslim variety. They’ve also shown us what happens when you have uncontrolled immigration and throw open the doors to vast waves of people who have no intention of assimilating to your culture, your nation, your laws, but instead are determined to recreate their homeland on your turf, whether you like it or not. What you have is balkanization and chaos.
    Especially in a country where even the indigenous citizens have no concept of self-reliance, assertiveness, or distinct national identity, and are so dependent on their allowance from the State that they are incapable of standing on their own two feet. They become sheep, ripe for the wolves. To use Darwinian terms, it’s a case of people selecting themselves out of survival.

    As for the kids rioting, well, they’re just showing that they’ve learned their home lessons well. The real inconvenient truth in this world today is not a piddling rise in global temperature, but the fact that an alarming percentage of Muslims are just. . .plain. . .freaking. . .crazy. Not just a tiny minority, but an amount that makes it a pressing problem for all the rest of us. And a lot of the others might not lop off our heads, but they won’t stand in the way to protect us or our values, either. Until the West faces up to that, we’re pretty much screwed.

  8. And thanks for the link, TT. What a fruitcake. He’s real obsessed with penis size, isn’t he? Hmm, wonder what that’s all about.

  9. Oh, and Neil, did you know that dozens of people spontaneously combust every year? It’s just not widely reported. 😉

  10. If they aren’t going to solve the problem, it’s nice to think that at least they would cut back on the welfare state by reducing the subsidies paid to the parents of these bad kids. Oh, and please don’t point out that they are probably just going to reallocate that money to some other program instead of giving it back to the productive income earners. Allow me this one delusion.

    Theo, sign me up for your federation.

  11. Also, Lewd. The point you made to Dying reminded me of a section I recently read in the book Party Crasher (currently the book club selection on my blog–shameless ploy for traffic). Forgive me as I change the subject (and probably open a can of worms). In Party Crasher Rich Tafel describes the problem the gay community is having due to a focus on tolerance rather than actually developing any positive moral vision. The gay community was too quick to embrace tolerance and neglected any morality, preferring instead moral relativism. It just seemed easier not to talk about morality. As a result, they inadvertently conceded any morality arguments to the religious right, and the community at large is unable to criticize such groups as NAMBLA. The rationale is “if we want people to tolerate what we do in the bedroom, we must be tolerant of what others do.” The moral relativism created by a single minded focus on tolerance (as opposed to tolerance within a larger positive moral vision) precludes any arguments (which are pretty easy to make) that distinguish sexual acts between consenting adults and those that involve children.

  12. As Lewd points out, all of our freedoms are circumscribed. To be more accurate, they are all negative freedoms: the freedom from government intrusion into certain areas. That is why private intrusion is permissible. Our freedom of religion just permits us to practice without the government regulating how we practice; it does not give us an absolute right to do anything we would like that is merely tangetially related (i.e. killing your sister).

    I’m with Pink Elephant. If only ALL of the little tykes would misbehave….

    The whole thing just sounds entirely creepy to me – they have taken the welfare state to such a level that those favoured by the government receive more, while those who don’t fall into line with their ideology get less.

    Anyway, to quote an excellent film: “Multiculturalism is not worth dying for.”

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