I’m not even trying to be polite about this one. Dammit.

It’s ever so good to know that at least one heart is bleeding for the merciless, cold-blooded murderer who ended 32 lives last week at Virginia Tech.  Katelynn Johnson is a sociology/psych major, and therefore headed into the profession that enables and excuses sociopaths, pedophiles, and mass murderers, so I guess it should be no surprise that she has offered herself as martyr and has “bravely” provided a memorial for Cho Seung-Hui alongside those devoted to his victims.  I’m sure little Katelynn (what a cutesy, prosh name!) will have a bright and prosperous future ahead of her, making sure that the truly evil among us do not go through life without a champion.

Miss Johnson–brave rebel that she is, Speaking Truth to Power–grandly declared, “My family did not raise me to do what is popular. . . .We did not lose only 32 students and faculty members that day; we lost 33 lives.”

Lest you forget that Miss Johnson is acting heroically in honoring a vile murderer, just read these beautiful, oh-so-nonjudgmental words:  “I lost friends and acquaintances like a lot of other people; I have mourned this event and continue to deal with the intense disbelief and pain we all are. I am not removed from this incident, I am not heartless and it’s not that I don’t care about the horrific thing that has happened. But I refuse to do what is popular and agree with everyone around me that only 32 people died on Monday. Thirty-three died.”

You’re not heartless, Miss Johnson: you’re even more dangerous than that.  You’re utterly useless, and worse still, you’re willfully stupid.  Yes, 33 people died.  We all know that.  But doesn’t it make any difference in your lazy mind that 32 of them were brutally murdered for no reason, while the 33rd died by suicide because he was too much of a coward to face the consequences of the bloodbath he created?  Doesn’t that matter to you at all? 

Of course it doesn’t.  All that matters to you is that you are striking some sort of screwed-up rebel pose, and thereby proving yourself Different.  The sorry truth of your weakling’s stand is that you desperately want to be An Individual, and this is the only pathetic way you can accomplish it.   Are you incapable of realizing that sometimes the majority opinion is the correct and moral one?  Here’s a crazy concept: maybe every decent person in this world  should despise and spit on Cho Seung-Hui and his memory.  

So go ahead and cry your self-serving crocodile tears for this killer, but be aware that by doing so, you shit all over the graves of the innocents he murdered (not that they’re all even buried yet).  You stupid, spoiled, narcissistic little _____.

Cho Seung-Hui does not need your maudlin memorial.  His memorial, his legacy, is the pile of bullet-ridden, torn bodies he left behind him before he took his own life like the coward he was–all the innocent lives he destroyed because he felt like a loser and got teased a few times.   

‘Scuse me while I go puke now.  Maybe next time you can establish a foundation in Ted Bundy’s name.  Stupid ______.

[Ed. Note: I took out some cuss words because while I wanted to vent, I don’t need to be usin’ so many swear words.  Just fill in the blanks with whatever words you prefer.]

~ by lewdandlascivious on April 26, 2007.

10 Responses to “I’m not even trying to be polite about this one. Dammit.”

  1. And I am sure she thinks herself as much a martyr and as pained as all those who died. Geesh.

  2. I guess I look at this a little differently– I see thirty-three families who have lost children. What’s more, there are people who will begrudge the Cho family their grief.

  3. Just to let you know I presented you the Thinking Blogger Award.


  4. I love how you called her a “twat.” Honestly, that word doesn’t get used enough. It’s not quite as harsh as “cunt,” or as lame as “loser’ — it’s just perfect. And it makes me giggle just to say it outloud.

    As far as the post — wow. I would have to agree with you to a certain extent b/c of the subsequent suicide, but Kelly is right. As terrible as a person is, his family shouldn’t be made to suffer.

  5. TT, thank you!!!! 🙂 We have a little Mutual Love Society goin on here, because if I had an award to give, I’d give you one. Hmm, maybe I’ll create my own award. (twirling imaginary mustache–IMAGINARY, people) Aha, that’s just what I will do. . .stay tuned. . .

    Kelly and Joe, I definitely agree with you about Cho’s family. If it had been one of them leaving the memorial stone or making those comments, I wouldn’t have cussed them out. Watching the confusion and grief and guilt on the faces of the families of people like Cho, Bundy, Dahmer, etc. is a whole ‘nother type of heartbreaking, and I suspect that most people feel terrible for Cho’s family.

    But this girl needed cussing out. People like her are the ones who let predators loose on the rest of us every day. And while Cho’s family has every right to grieve for him (preferably privately, as they are doing), Katelynn Johnson’s grief is false and self-serving.

    And good grief, that name. Katelynn. It just begs for a smackdown.

  6. Well I am glad to know that. I will be on the look out for your award. Although, I must admit I am a bit nervous.

  7. Hahaha!!! You should be, sir. 😉 Whatever I think of, it will probably be inappropriate in some way.

  8. Yes, 33 families lost someone. But that doesn’t mean that we should mourn 33 victims; we should mourn 32 people and condemn to the furthest depths of hell the one other. Losing a child sucks, so I can feel badly for his family; but Cho brought that grief upon 32 other families.

    If this airbrained babycakes had said, “33 families lost a loved one,” Lewd would not go on that rampage. But that’s not what she said: she said that 33 people should be mourned. Which is beyond stupid and, frankly, Lewd wasn’t hard enough on her.

    “Probably” be inappropriate? We all know you better than that!

    I might have to join in the giving of an award back to TT. 😉

  9. I’m not happy you took out your “cuss words.” It made it endearing and funny. Plus I like the word “twat.”

  10. Awww, thanks. I’m just tryin to clean up my language a little bit. That girl WAS being a stupid twat, though.

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