Get A Clue, People

A recent survey has revealed that a police officer is assaulted every 20 minutes in Britain.  Mr. Grant Shapps, an MP for Welwyn Hatfield, had the following to say: “Preventing our officers from being assaulted requires a change in attitude towards our police.  This process starts at home.  That means backing the family and encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their actions. . . .”

Thanks, Mr. Rogers. 

Something important is missing from this mealy-mouthed appeal to the better nature of criminals; namely, that British police traditionally patrol their beats unarmed.  Unarmed cops!  No wonder they’re getting the crap beat out of them.   It’s a bit scary that the Brits can’t figure this one out, because it is so. . .freaking. . .simple.  Thugs are a lot less likely to mess with cops if they know they’ll get their stupid asses shot.  Why, why, why do “enlightened,” “progressive” people have to make this so complicated?  Give the damn cops guns and jack up the mandatory sentences for assaulting a law enforcement officer.  I guarantee the problem will be 90% solved.  That’s how you “change the attitude” towards police.

~ by lewdandlascivious on April 25, 2007.

3 Responses to “Get A Clue, People”

  1. LMAO! So very true.

  2. I dunno. It sounds like the public in Britain just knows what’s going on better than the US. I’ve known literally hundreds of police officers, and I can think of maybe 2 or 3 that did not deserve a good beating. Law enforcement is corrupt. The more people become aware of this fact, the more crimes against cops will occur. I have a very close friend on the local police force, and he would tell anyone the same thing. If you could get rid of power-crazy, crooked cops, there wouldn’t be any violence against them.


  3. I’ll you what, if I were a criminal, I wouldn’t listen to an UNARMED COP any more than I would listen to an UNARMED CIVILIAN. Those funny bobby hats don’t carry any more authority than a baseball cap. How on earth do they think unarmed law enforcement can enforce laws? I really cannot understand this!

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