WTF? And new Andy Samberg

British newspapers have the best headlines.  In the news today:  “Docs fight to save man’s willy.”  Beat that, Yanks!,,2-2007180857,00.html

And check out the caption under the pic of the knife:  “Blade. . .knife like one used in pizza diner by willy chop Pole.”  Fabulous.

Now, here’s a little tribute by Andy Samberg to his brother-in-law Roy.  I advise you to watch it.


~ by lewdandlascivious on April 24, 2007.

3 Responses to “WTF? And new Andy Samberg”

  1. “I advise you to watch it.”

    And If I don’t? Will you threaten willy chopping? Ewwwwhh..makes me cringe just to think about it.

  2. I agree. What kind of threats are you making, dear?

    I did have a question — was the “beat that, yanks!” pun intended? If no, you definitely need to get your mind back in the gutter.

  3. You are both dirty, filthy boys. It’s all sex and violence with you, isn’t it? WELL, I will not even stoop to respond to such talk. 😉
    (I just wanted to use the word “harrumph”–fabulous word)

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