Here’s A Laugh or Two

These videos cheered me up.  The first one reminds me of my brother: I could so see him doing that.  He told me sometimes they would screw around and do impressions during their soldiering duties (i.e., announcing over speakers when stopping vessel, “Dis is U.S. Navy helee-coptah” in their best Arnold Schwarzenegger accent).  I love how, in this video, the guy (Iraqi? Afghan?) barely understands English but knows the soldier is screwing around with him, and just cracks up.

U.S. soldier doing his best Harry Caray during search:

 Baby with the best laugh I’ve ever heard:

 And finally, the Dysfunctional Home Show–early Jim Carrey!


~ by lewdandlascivious on April 21, 2007.

5 Responses to “Here’s A Laugh or Two”

  1. I miss In Living Color so much. Those were the days. Back when J-Lo was just another background dancer who didn’t sing or make bad mvoies.

  2. If you can watch this and not laugh, I give you mad props:

  3. I love that video. There ought to be a law against being that cute.

  4. I am seeking said props, as I didn’t even giggle or tee hee.

  5. Ok, I shall give your your “props,” but I also think your are a heartless individual. with children (child?) of your own, how can you not be at least amused?

    I also saw your blog — very impressed. I wish you the best.

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