Massacre at Blacksburg

33 people dead and at least 15 others injured, about an hour down the road from us here in Lexington, Virginia.  The deadliest shooting spree in U.S. history, as the media so solemnly reminds us every 30 seconds.  I can practically hear them salivating–what a story!!  Finally, something really juicy and bloody for them to chew on for a few months: so much better than Anna Nicole.

I can understand that folks in Blacksburg–and all the families of Virginia Tech students–need to find targets for their completely justifiable rage and grief.  Unfortunately, the one truly deserving target put a bullet in his head before he could be arrested and is therefore beyond the reach of accountability here on earth.  But the anger being directed at the school and campus police frustrates me.  It is not their fault. 

The first shooting occurred at 7:15, in the Ambler-Johnson dorm.  The killer’s girlfriend (crush? obsesssion?) and a student advisor were killed, and to all appearances it was an isolated event.  The shooter killed the person he was mad at and the person called in to settle the argument, and then left the building: he did not go on a random shooting spree in the dorm.  The campus police promptly closed off the area surrounding the dorm, and cautioned the university community to be careful.  How could they have known that over two hours later, the shooter would go on a killing rampage on the far end of the sprawling Virginia Tech campus?  There is no way they could’ve known that, although it’s all too easy for us to say so in hindsight.

When a shooting occurs on an off-campus location–in a house or apartment or even in a public place–police do not evacuate residences and shut down businesses for miles around.  They cordon off the crime scene and begin their investigation, which is exactly what the campus and Blacksburg police did after the 7:15 shooting.  They did their jobs, dammit.

How could we reasonably expect those authorities to anticipate that two hours later, this lunatic would travel across the campus and massacre 30 people?  It pains me to think that honest, hard-working people who did exactly what they were supposed to do will lose their jobs because people need a target for their rage.  Once the shooting starts, it takes just a few minutes to kill dozens of people (thousands, if you have a bomb).  The Virginia Tech campus police and the Blacksburg police responded as quickly and as best they could, and they should not be held responsible for this bloodbath: that responsibility lies with one person, the killer.

It was inevitable that the Second Amendment would be brought into this.  Liberals’ first thought after any gun-related murder is, ban guns!!!  Now!!!  They never seem to absorb two basic truths:

(1)  If someone is bent on murder and destruction and is willing to die in the process, there is nothing that will stop them.  They certainly will not be deterred by gun laws. 

(2)  In fact, the only things that stop killers like this are bullets, from guns.  Either they kill themselves, the police take them out, or they are stopped by a citizen carrying a concealed weapon (the Appalachian Law School incident is just one example of a bloodbath cut short because a citizen was lawfully carrying a concealed weapon).  Our problem is not guns: it’s crazy people.  Crazy people will always find guns, or build their bombs, or convert planes into bombs, or what have you.  The War on Drugs should be the clearest example of how a market will find a way to provide its product to those determined to have it, regardless of hundreds of laws and billions of taxpayer dollars.  We already have hundreds of gun laws on the books, and this kind of thing still happens.  Forbidding law-abiding citizens from having properly registered firearms for self-protection will only result in a citizenry utterly unable to defend itself when murderers strike.

All this aside, the most important matter is the unnecessary loss of life that occurred today.  I just cannot understand how anyone, anywhere, for any reason, could do such a thing.  I can’t get my head around it.  This guy put chains on the doors of the building so people couldn’t get out.  When students heard the killing and tried to barricade the doors to their classroom, the killer tried to push the doors open and shot through them.  He lined students up and executed them in cold blood.  And what about the bomb threats, which occurred in the past couple of weeks?  Was he testing security?  What an evil, horrible person.

There is a hell, and I’m willing to bet that this murdering, heartless bastard is burning in it right now.  I hope he is.  And I hope everyone affected by this massacre–including Virginia Tech as an institution–can band together and rise above it.   This has been one fucked-up day.  We all need to pray for everyone hurt by it. 

~ by lewdandlascivious on April 17, 2007.

7 Responses to “Massacre at Blacksburg”

  1. I don’t understand why they are mad that a lock down wasn’t enforced after the first shooting. Let’s say they did have a lock down, now what? Now you have hundreds, if not thousands, of students locked out of buildings, standing around in the open air. Yeah, their situation would not be much better than their classmate (although they would at least be able to move and run).

  2. True. And normally, a lockdown would just be telling everyone to stay where they were–which would’ve ended up the exact same way, with kids in their classrooms.

    Also, you’re talking about a campus with about 30,000 people on it. There’s no WAY to shut that down, close off every exit/entrance, or guard every classroom. College campuses just are not built for rapid maximum-security measures like that, unless we want to start building campuses like prisons.

  3. I can’t believe those folks that want to add the shooter (without making a proper distinction) to the list of those killed. Let him remain reviled and detested. He is no victim. Even if he was abused, or bullied, or whatever else apologists might claim. I can feel sorry for the abused child who kills his abuser or even the geek who kills the jocks who bully him around- but one who kills innocent people, forget him. Don’t even preserve his name with infamy, let his name die with him, let it never be spoken. He doesn’t deserve any fame, even the perverse kind. Definitely don’t include his name on any list that includes his innocent victims.

  4. Amen!!!

  5. Amen. It’s nice to hear someone people sensible about this. It was a deep tragedy, put everyone needs to stop pointing fingers.


  6. Sad as this massacre was, Professor Librescu’s heroism is inspirational. Read about it at

  7. The issue with a no-lockdown was that the police did NOTHING to warn anyone that there was a crazed, deranged killer on the loose. After the first plane hit Tower 1 on 9/11, there was a message over the loudspeakers that Tower 2 was completely secure. Yeah, right. Same issue here.

    If you look at the school shootings, they are all done by MEN. Why not outlaw men? 😉 Isn’t that just as logical as outlawing guns? Why not prohibit men from entering campuses?

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