Oh, the Humanity!

Well, Don Imus has stepped in it this time.  Watch for yourself, if you haven’t already:

Imus was commenting on the victory of the Rutgers women’s basketball team over Tennessee, and opined that the Rutgers ladies were “rough” and tattooed, then that they were “some nappy-headed ho’s.”  Bernard McGuirk, Imus’s co-commentator, made a reference to the dis-fest between “jigaboos” and “wannabes” depicted in Spike Lee’s movie School Daze. The response has been about as hysterical as you would expect. 

Filip Bondy of the New York Daily News called it “one of the most despicable comments ever uttered on the air,” and called for Imus immediately to be fired from MSNBC and WFAN (a New York radio station), no matter what, end of discussion, NOW.  He also declared, “Here’s the deal, or what the deal ought to be: You don’t get to say these things, even if you finally decide to change your mind and apologize, nearly 24 hours later. You just don’t call young college women ‘nappy-headed hoes.’”

Get that?  Mr. Bondy nicely sums up the prevailing doctrine of Offensive Speech in American public life today: no repentance allowed.  It doesn’t matter if you are sincerely sorry; it doesn’t matter if you immediately examine your heart and change your ways (not to say that Mr. Imus is doing that–I don’t personally know).  If you say something inappropriate or hateful, you must be banished from public life forever and must not be allowed to continue in your chosen field (unless, of course, you’re a Democrat or a member of the offended minority, in which case, no worries).  This latest kerfuffle provides yet another illustration of wholly punitive, oppressive nature of man-made religions like multiculturalism and political correctness: all law and no grace.  Plenty of punishment, but no forgiveness. 

Don’t get me wrong: I share the view that the “nappy-headed ho” comment was blatantly racial, sexist, and well, just plain horrible.  Why would anyone even think such a thing, much less say it?  What an idiot.  And if Imus can’t refrain from saying that crap and behave like a decent person, MSNBC has ample grounds to fire him (I don’t watch MSNBC anyway, so whether they keep him or toss him doesn’t affect my TV watching).  But come on–“one of the most despicable comments ever uttered on air”? 

Get real.   There’s something repugnant about the spectacle which results in this country every time a public figure utters an insult or ignorant slur.  Why do verbal comments necessitate more than a verbal solution, e.g., a sincere and full apology followed by non-repetition of the remark?  Why must the offender be brought to utter ruination in order to satisfy the gods of tolerance and diversity?

Don Imus said a ridiculously inappropriate thing on the air, and rest assured that he will suffer for it.  But forgive me if I have nothing but scorn for the self-appointed guardians of female dignity, who battle against a stray comment uttered in regards to a sport that nobody cares about or watches or makes a dollar on, yet lift not a finger against the violent misogyny contained in every rap record in a hyper-saturated, obscenely profitable market.   Young black women certainly should not be called “nappy-headed hoes,” but a crazy old white man who says it once on TV is hardly the least of their worries.  Or this country’s.

~ by lewdandlascivious on April 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “Oh, the Humanity!”

  1. “But come on–”one of the most despicable comments ever uttered on air”?”

    That’s only because Sharpton’s racist statements that incited an actual murder weren’t recorded on national television.

  2. Exactly.
    Although his Tawana Brawley fraud was (which he never apologized for in the slightest).

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