Like I Said.

Don Imus had the balls to go on Al Sharpton’s radio show and take his spanking like a man.  Good for him: it’s only right.  He’s also been suspended and still could be fired.  But will that be enough for the hysterically shrieking Speech Police?  Doubtful.

An excerpt from the article linked above includes the following pathetic exchange on Sharpton’s show: 

“What I did was repugnant, repulsive and horrible,” said Imus. “Here are these young women at the pinnacle of their life … and I ruined it.”

At one point, the exchange between Imus, Sharpton and a female caller grew testy. Imus became frustrated and exclaimed, “I can’t get anywhere with you people.” “What do you mean by ‘you people’?” Sharpton said.  Imus responded that he simply meant Sharpton and the woman.

In another encounter, Sharpton said, “If you walk away from this unscathed …”  “How am I unscathed by this?” Imus interrupted. “Don’t you think I’m humiliated?”

This all has the effect of putting me squarely in Imus’s camp.  What he said was terrible, but the man is clearly doing everything he can to face the music and repent.  I think it’s far more disgusting to be so damn obsessed with race and other people’s language that you punish an insulting comment–a COMMENT–with utter humiliation and destruction of the person who said it.   That is despicable. 

And by the way, the “you people” thing is ridiculous.  Anytime a person is speaking to more than one person at once, it is perfectly fine to refer to them as “you people,” “y’all,” or “you guys.”  It’s not a racial slur.  Imus’s comment merely referred to the tragically obvious fact that he simply cannot win with folks who won’t accept an apology.  He’s right.

~ by lewdandlascivious on April 9, 2007.

3 Responses to “Like I Said.”

  1. I hate to disagree with you, but I think he deserved to be canned, and the public outcry about this incident needs to be kept with the volume turned way up loud.

    As a highly visible public figure, Imus is no longer a shock jock. As a routine his show is filled with racist and other villyfications that go beyond his sophomoric potty humor. When you have guests which typically include US Senators, Heads of News Departments, Editors of Magazines, well-known pundits, past and current Vice Presidents and even Presidents (Clinton and Bush 41), you’re playing in a different arena, with differnt rules.

    He should go.

    Remember what happened to Rush over Donovan McNab.
    Remember what happened to Jimmy The Greek over the Thighs comments.

    What would be the reaction if Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh had said such a thing. Hannity would be off of Fox by the end of the day and MSNBC and CBS Radio should do the same thing, and be held to the same standards of journalism.

  2. Oh Voice, don’t apologize–when my friends disagree with me it only makes me love them more! 🙂 Lewd loves to argue.
    I don’t listen to his show, so I was hearing it all with “fresh ears”–but if he regularly says such stuff (which he shouldn’t), I’m now wondering why they even hired him.
    Not being much of a sports fan, all I remember about Jimmy the Greek’s comment was him saying that black people could jump higher because they have bigger thighs. Dumb, dumb, dumb.
    I do remember the Rush incident. Without delving back into the merits of that whole uproar, it’s worthy to note that Rush apologized publicly and resigned from the commentator post. And the comment he made–disagree with it or not–was a perfectly typical Rush observation about the liberal, race-obsessed media.
    My point is that this is all so out of proportion. MSNBC can fire Imus if that’s what everyone thinks is appropriate. And we all agree that what he said was just REAL wrong. But can we all handle it with a modicum of dignity, instead of acting like the Inquisition?
    As for the gravity of the MSNBC commentary arena, I only WISH that the big cheeses regularly featured on that network–and that includes Al Sharpton–would behave. Has Sharpton ever apologized for Tawana Brawley, or inciting lethal race riots? No. I also remember him publicly slandering Jews and whites–have he and Jesse “Hymietown” Jackson been driven from public life in disgrace? Hardly. And now Sharpton is righteously spanking Imus for the precise thing Sharpton has done, milking the controversy for publicity as always, without a hint of shame (as always).
    Fire Imus or whatever. But can we save the greatest depths of our outrage for things that deserve it (i.e., life and death matters, slavery, genocide–all going on in the world today)?

  3. I have no disagreement with Sharpton and the Brawley statements. I will add though that Rev. Al has been more responsible in the past few years, and I think is trying to enter the mainstream. Although I don’t agree with him frequently, as long as he is civil, I have no problem with what he says.

    Rev. Jackson paid for the Hymietown comments, big time. Has he ever apologize, probably not, and I wouldn’t hold my breath for it. Between that comment and the affair that was almost hushed up, he has no political coin anymore. Nobody takes him seriously anymore. The sad thing is that Imus will continue to attract high profile people, who will put with his invectitude a moment before their air time, so they can get their points across, which Imus does allow better than many other talk show hosts.

    It would be refreshing if that positive quality was found on a more civil airway.

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