Pedophiles on the Prowl

A pedophile in Snohomish County, Washington just cannot understand why his blog was shut down by his Web host.  See the article here

The man, 45, said he would go to weekend events throughout the Puget Sound region, such as fairs, parades, church events and roller rinks, and then write about the experiences on his blog. He would sometimes take pictures of children at the events and post the pictures on the blog. None of the pictures were of nude children, he said.

This is a good example of why parents–actually, anyone who has children in their care at any time–should always be vigilant in public places.  Pedophiles constantly troll for potential victims, and they gravitate to places where they know kids will be.  Once you know what to look for, you can spot them. 

There was a guy, a fairly attractive young guy (I’d say he was in his late 20’s) in my hometown who would sit on the benches circling a play area in the middle of the local mall.  None of the kids were his, and he was clearly alone.  I looked for him every time I went to the mall, and saw him a number of times.  He’d sit there and watch the children play with a look of what I can only describe as yearning and lust on his face: he looked at them like a normal man might stare at a particularly attractive stripper working a pole.  One day, I leaned against the wall and stared at him with a disgusted and furious look on my face, just to see what would happen.  After about 10 minutes, he glanced over at me and froze, then turned red, jumped up, and walked very quickly to the nearest mall exit.

Pedophilia is a sexual orientation, and therefore cannot be “cured.”  Pedophiles do not stop wanting to screw little kids–they just get better at victim selection and evasion of arrest. 

Get a load of this quote from the pedophile from the article linked above:   “I was never kicked out of any of these events.  I’ve behaved myself pretty well the past couple of years.”  Well, that’s comforting.  I wonder what he was up to a few years ago, though?  Hmmm.  I’m pretty sure I know what he considers “being bad.”

The article also reveals that the 45-year-old molester’s parents are just about fed up with him, and might make him move out of their house if he doesn’t stop blogging about the kiddies.  Way to draw the line, Mom and Dad.  Now that’s what you call tough love.

What a bunch of freaks.


~ by lewdandlascivious on March 30, 2007.

5 Responses to “Pedophiles on the Prowl”

  1. Good points. They need to be locked up forever. I’d sooner let a murderer out before a pedophile, as the recidivism rates are much lower for murderers.

  2. Just remember, paedophilia can be cured but homosexuality cannot. (Personally, I believe that neither one is curable, both being innate to one’s being…..)

    What shocks me is that people would think that you can change someone who lusts after little kids into someone who wants to grow old with a nice, middle-aged lady. Riiight.

  3. In the case of agressive pedophiles I just think capital punishment is the answer. You’re putting an animal out of its misery. That or mandatory castration. I don’t agree that it is an orientation, but then again I see all forms of sex as a matter of choice. Sex is a physical act, made by conscious decisions.

    It would be ineresting to see if there are any credible studies of identical twins separated at birth who became pedophiles, which would lend support to the position that it is an orientation. I think it becomes an obsession, and sadly is validated by many.

    Anyone know of such a study?

  4. I agree that there is the conscious choice to have sex with children, but the desire is hard-wired. Nothing on heaven or earth could make women or children sexually appealing to me; I know that, for my gay friends, nothing on Heaven or earth could stop making men appealing to them.

    The desire is hard-wired; the decision to act upon it is conscious. I do think that the obsession is fed by our culture, to some extent; we really do fetishise young women. Jon Benet, anyone?

    Capital punishment… well, y’all are talking to the lady who thinks that the death penalty would be a fine solution for many types of rape.

    The problem with castration is that they insist on chemical castration, which only works if the person volunteers to take their medication every day. The nice, law-abiding paedophiles won’t hurt anyone, but the others will ignore the meds and continue to molest small children.

  5. Ok, good exchange. Made me slightly modify my thinking.
    I do not believe that any person is “naturally” a pedophile, whereas many (not all) gay people are gay from the get-go, and straight people are straight from the get-go. Calling pedophilia a “sexual orientation” and leaving it at that is giving pedophiles way too much credit, and is an insult to non-deviant sexuality.
    I see pedophilia not as being a natural state, but as the irreversible result of severely warped psyche. The best analogy I can think of is that of a cake–a lot of ingredients go into the cake, but once it’s baked, you can’t take out the troublesome ingredient. If you mistakenly bake salt into a cake, instead of sugar, well, you’re stuck with a salty cake. In that sense, pedophilia is truly deviant, as opposed to plain old homosexuality.
    Pedophiles aren’t born: they’re made. And once they’re made, they’re as done as a burnt steak–there is no going back. They’re going to lust after children forever.
    Another way of looking at it is: it’s completely possible–indeed, it’s the norm–to be homosexual and be a well-adjusted, non-warped, kind and decent person who does not harm anyone. Gay people just happen to prefer same-sex sex. But it’s impossible to be a pedophile and be such a decent person: even their “harmless” picture-taking and stalking and salivating is inherently poisonous and predatory.

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