Thank God, We’re All Saved!!

Whew, what a relief: the UN Security Council has issued a statement saying it is “gravely concerned” about the British soldiers being held hostage in Iran and have called for their release.  However, the Security Council was unwilling to use the word “deplore” to describe its stance on Iran’s taking of the hostages.  Because jeez, who needs that kind of strong language?  No heads have been sliced off yet.  Can’t just go around deploring things; tsk, tsk, that wouldn’t do at all. 

It’s times like these that I get on my knees and thank God for the UN.  Now that it has contributed its mild fussings, we can be assured that the end of this crisis is near.  Surely Ahmadinejad wouldn’t want to risk dissatisfaction and finger-shaking from the UN Security Council. 


~ by lewdandlascivious on March 29, 2007.

8 Responses to “Thank God, We’re All Saved!!”

  1. I don’t think we really know enough about the situation yet. Nobody seems to really have proof that they were in Iranian waters or not. Just think if Iranian soldiers had been captured close to British waters. The Brits would throw a shit-fit and detain the people, probably without trial if they’re anything like America. At least they’re treating them well. If you look at it from that perspective it doesn’t seem that crazy.

    But, if you look at it as a crazy leader orchestrating a plot to get attention or incite war, it seems nuts. As of now I just don’t have any reason to throw out theory number one (that they were behaving as any Western country would), so I’m not sure.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Iran’s oppressive, terrorist-supporting culture or its leader, but I’m just trying not to let my presuppositions tamper with what, on the surface, is still a pretty harmless incident.

  2. If it’s a harmless incident, why are they not being released? If it’s a harmless incident, why is Faye Turney being forced to wear traditional Iranian clothing?

  3. Iranian soldiers would not be released by any Western government without a lengthy investigation under the same circumstances. And is there really proof that the Iranians forced her to wear traditional clothing?

  4. I have every confidence in the UN’s ability to handle this.

    A sterling organization, with respect around the globe.

    Pardon me while I finish choking.

  5. Crosby – can you please back up your first statement? You presume that anyone coming within US waters would be held pending a lenghty investigation? Held how? Do you really believe that Ms. Turnery just decided to put on a hajib because heck, even if it’s March, let’s pretend it’s Halloween?

  6. I think any soldier from a country that we are not friendly towards would be treated in a similar (if not worse) fashion by the U.S. or another Western government. I think Guantanamo backs this up…we’ve held a lot of people there without proper trial for way longer than a couple weeks.

    About the hajib, I just don’t know. Maybe she just chose to be culturally sensitive instead of trying to behave in a way that may seem threatening? I don’t know, but she definitely doesn’t want to piss off the people holding her.

    I’m not saying I like Iran or think it’s “fairer” than any Western government. It certainly isn’t. I’m just trying to look at this based on the evidence we have now. And as of now I just don’t see them as treating the soldiers any differently than we would under similar circumstances.

  7. Here is a good rundown on why what Iran is doing is wrong regardless of whether or not they were in Iranian or Iraqi waters, and regardless of what the US may or may not do in a similar situation..

  8. Babe, the “soldiers” in Guantanomo are there because they are NOT soldiers! Enemy combatants not in uniform and not fighting for an organised militia are not covered by the Geneva convention.

    But I guess that involves pointing out basic differences between, say, nice Brits doing their jobs, in the light of day, and say, crazy Islamic groups who refuse to abide by international laws of war.

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