Best TV Dads

Kind of random, I know.  Here’s my list of the 5 best TV dads ever (in no particular order):

john-goodman.jpg    John Goodman (Dan Conner from “Roseanne”)

   dan-lauria.gif  Dan Lauria (Jack Arnold from “The Wonder Years”).  Why, oh why is this show not re-running on cable somewhere?  This TV dad reminds more than any other of my own father: gruff, takes zero sh** off anyone, has a huge heart underneath it all.

michael-landon.jpg   Michael Landon (Pa from “Little House on the Prairie”)

dick-van-patten.jpg  Dick Van Patten (Tom Bradford from “Eight is Enough”)

michael-gross.jpg   Michael Gross (Steven Keaton from “Family Ties”)

Of course, nothing’s better than having an amazing real father (which I do!).


~ by lewdandlascivious on March 21, 2007.

5 Responses to “Best TV Dads”

  1. Michael Gross – too liberal 🙂
    But his TV wife was fine 🙂

  2. How Red Forman and Hank Hill didn’t make your list is beyond me…

  3. I know Steven Keaton was a bleeding heart lib, but I just LOVED his character–and I especially loved the dynamic set up between him and his arch-conservative son, Alex P. Keaton. What a great show!
    And Dustin, I did not choose those dads because they are clearly inferior (just kidding–I love Red Forman!).


  5. Ah, good point. Consider him on the list.

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