What kind of dog is right for me?

Ok, so here’s the thing.  I’m officially a “cat person,” meaning that I naturally prefer cats when it comes down to a choice, and I have always had cats as pets.  But I also love dogs; in fact, I love all animals, but dogs–let’s face it–kind of rock.

In the next couple years, I’ll be taking that long-delayed final step into adulthood, which means buying a house.  An actual abode with a yard of my own and some sort of surrounding territory.  I feel this is the perfect chance for me to finally get a dog.

Those who know me might not be surprised to hear that I am deeply and instinctively  attracted to the “warrior” breeds: I like all dogs (even the lil’ yappers, on the basic premise that I love all animals), but I really like the tough ones.  Or maybe this is a better way to say it: I respect them.   Here are the breeds I’ve considered so far, in no particular order:  Presa Canario, Giant Schnauzer, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and the great Bull Mastiff.

I understand that getting one of these dogs is a major responsibility and a challenge, but I firmly believe that any animal can be raised correctly, in a loving but firm way, and can be a devoted pet and protector.  It would mean a lot of training for them and for me and would necessitate daily exercise (which I will be doing anyway).  But I’m willing to do that.  If anyone who reads this blog has any sort of insight into these types of dogs, I’d love to hear it.  Keep in mind that home protection is the number-one criteria for me when it comes to dogs.


~ by lewdandlascivious on March 18, 2007.

7 Responses to “What kind of dog is right for me?”

  1. Hey – I did a piece on finding the right dog – http://4simpsons.wordpress.com/2006/10/06/finding-the-right-dog/.

    Good luck! I love my dogs.

  2. Thanks, Neil! I’m gonna do the test right now (and meticulously document the results, goober that I am). What prosh dorgies those Italian greyhounds are-they look like such sweeties!
    If you could meet some Langston cats you would rethink your cat theories–Miss Margaret is the sweetest animal (of any kind) I’ve ever met, and Howie is the most lovable rascal. Then there are my brothers’ cats, Tacitus, Boozer, and Barlow. Langston cats rock, I must say. 🙂
    How hard is it to raise dogs so that they are buddies with cats? I’m now thinking I want to pair a big tough purebred with a shelter mutt (they would be raised together), and they will be mainly outside pets, while my kitties are inside. Could that possibly work?

  3. That might work. Sounds like your cats have the right temperament, which is probably the biggest wild card.

    The first rescue dog we brought home didn’t work out. She wanted to be the only dog, and the whole idea was to get a companion for Wishbone. What was great was being able to “return” her and get one that was compatible.

    I’ll have to ask my daughter about the Langston cats (she loves reading about cats and dogs). She begged us to get a cat (which my wife actually prefers) but too many relatives and friends have major cat allergies. D’oh (heh heh).

    Really, I’m not a cat hater. We had two for about 10 years and had fun with them, even though they were psychotic. Bessie was possessed (she is sitting on Satan’s lap right now). Bill was sweet but nuts – he ate cotton. Seriously. He would eat huge holes in sweats, t-shirts, etc. and gobbled down cotton balls. Let’s just say it trained me to pick up my clothes.

    As far as dogs go, Italian Greyhounds are fairly cat-like.

  4. Lol, just to clarify, Langston is my last name. 🙂 Not a breed of cats (although it prolly should be!).

  5. I have a Rottweiler. I adopted her, along with her five feline siblings. Rotty’s are WONDERFUL. If you train them well they are docile, yet very protective of your residence. They also scare the you know what out of someone coming in for your safe. One thing, Rottys, well they can be a bit moody, and you should make sure you either train them well or take the time/money and hire someone to train them.

    I’ve also had German Shepherds, I guess I like the tough guy dogs. I found them very intelligent, but they also will test you.

    I’ve never had a Bull Mastiff, but from what I know of the breed, I was thinking of getting one, they are a bit laid back, but need to be exercised a good deal. They also have that “Fear Factor” attached to them.

    You seem to be that kind of gal with a dog that makes a statement!

    Best of luck in your search.

  6. All the dogs you mentioned “voice” are wonderful dogs- and don’t deserve much of their reputation for being dangerous. I’ve owned tons of dogs (about 18) through the course of my life and some of the best behaved were a Rottie, a Doberman, and a Great Dane- all on the restricted breeds list.

    Raise them well, and they will be good dogs. Although, some dogs are just not good around kids. So check with breed sites and find that out. My Great Dane loves when my daughter rides him, slides on his back, and smacks his butt. However, my Doberman wants nothing to do with it- he would much rather lay down at my feet and sleep.

  7. Very good advice–thanks guys! I will probably have a niece or nephew on the way in the next few years, so I gotta think about the kid issue (I guess it’s theoretically possible for me to have one too, but not likely!).

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