Blast From the Past

I’ve been watching a Lifetime movie about the OJ case.  In that spirit, here’s a video of the verdict being announced.  Check out Robert Kardashian’s face–PRICELESS.


~ by lewdandlascivious on March 18, 2007.

6 Responses to “Blast From the Past”

  1. If you pause it you can almost see a look on his face that says, “I can’t believe I got away with this.”

  2. Oh, totally. He looks absolutely disgusted at the verdict. I remember watching it happen on TV and my jaw just dropping to my chest at his facial expression.

  3. I remember that at my private school we got to sit in the auditorium and watch the verdict. We even took a vote as to whether he would get off or not. The vote was split 50/50.

  4. Okay, how do you get the picture in your vids? I have wordpress but can’t get the imbed to work.

  5. you get the URL–at youtube, there’s a window to the right of the video w/the URL. Paste it into the post like this:
    . I always have to go back and edit the post so that there are no

  6. I’ll have to try. I would like to have the little picture in the post.


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