Gay Patriots, Part II

I’ve written a couple times on this blog about my fervent opposition to the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, and my equally passionate belief that gay citizens should have the same rights as other citizens under the law.  I believe the separation of church and state protects all of us–Christians, gays, Christian gays, non-Christian gays, atheists, Muslims, whatever–and most importantly (to me, anyway) it protects the integrity of the Christian religion by keeping dirty, power-hungry, corrupting fingers of government out of the Church.

Some might read my views and wonder how I can passionately assert the eternal truth of the Scriptures, which define homosexual conduct as a sin, yet just as fervently support the rights of gay Americans to work, live, love, and marry as they please.  I’m sure there will be many more future posts about this divisive issue in my future, but for now all I’ll say is, my position is completely consistent with my dual status as a Christian and an American.  Ask me what the Bible says about homosexuality and other behaviors defined as sinful, and I’ll tell you what it says, and I’ll name it Truth no matter what anyone thinks–and don’t forget, the Bible names me as a sinner too (I  bet I can beat most of you when it comes to sinnin’).  Ask me about the Constitution and citizens’ rights in a pluralistic, democratic republic, and I’ll lay that down for you too. 

I believe with all my heart that the United States was put here by God Himself, and that it was put here so that people can live freely and confront the larger questions in life with no oppressive obstructions to their consciences.  So as deeply held as my Christian beliefs are, I am adamantly opposed to forcing gay people to live according to Christian rules as a matter of law–just as I would oppose someone forcing me to live as a Muslim, atheist, or pagan by abuse of the law.

In that spirit, and in the context of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, I’d like to remind everyone of a man who was one of the first heroes in the global war against Islamist terrorism: Mark Bingham, an openly gay man.

mark-bingham.jpg  In addition to being a hottie, Mark Bingham was an accomplished athlete, a successful executive, an all-around great person, and a bona fide ass-kicker with the heart of a lion.  If you want to know more about Mark, go here.  There are guys and gals with that kind of courage in our military right now, but they can’t be honest about who they are because our government’s policy is that they are “immoral.”  Sorry, but I will never support that.


~ by lewdandlascivious on March 15, 2007.

6 Responses to “Gay Patriots, Part II”

  1. You hit it.

    What has happened among the hard right elements of the GOP is that they have forgotten that while religious views frame culture, and do input upon policy, the American tradition has taken the almost universally used the ethic that has the element of levelling the playing field to those members of society that struggle against imbalance. Sadly, the Christian ethic is being forgotten among the platitudes, neither of which serve traditional Conservativism (a la Reagan and Goldwater) nor the positive humanitarianism found within the religious ethos.

  2. I like the way you think–what do you think about a third party? Oh and by the way, can I just refer to you as The Voice from now on? It saves valuable typing time, and plus it sounds totally badass. ??

  3. Sure, you can.

    A third party. If there could be one it would be more of a Populist Party. I often find myself at real loggerheads with the GOP. Partly due to some of the Conservatives, which in many way I am, but I tend to be more concerned about exclusion than being a bit inclusive. I also tend to be a fiscal moderate, and I am more supportive of social programs than many in the GOP. I don’t think that The New Deal, and The Great Society are bad concepts. I tend to not trust corporist mentality that afflicts both the RNC and the DNC. I am more like Teddy Roosevelt in my politics, A Hawk, A social and fiscal progressive, and a bit green (normal pollution stuff, not the recent hype about climate change).

    So… still interested in that party?

    “The Voice”

  4. Dude, I’m for it, social programs or no. I don’t want to vote for any of these clowns anymore. Except maybe Fred Thompson. . . kinda diggin him right now!

  5. Heh, okay let’s make the details. One thing I did which was actually fun, was a conference call on election night. Well, if the results had differed maybe it would have been more fun.

    I like Fred Thompson a great deal – and he has a good voice. I thought he would run, but am not so sure as of the last few days.

    I confess, I actively support Rudy Giuliani.

  6. I like Rudy too. Hizzoner is someone I would vote for even though I dislike some of his positions, because I believe he could handle what I consider the most important issue right now: national security. He’s a scrapper.

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