It would be amusing if it didn’t put the rest of us in danger. . .

This is the religion liberals defend:

“Islam is a religion of peace!” The idiocy and willful blindness required for liberal feminists to tow this line is mind-boggling.  Guess who gets screwed first and most often (literally!)  in a country where unassimilated Muslims are free to follow the dictates of their religion of “peace,” ladies?  That’s right, us women! And it’s not al-Qaeda or another “fringe,” “non-representative” Muslim group we’re talking about here: it’s normal, everyday Muslim guys, just following the Koran’s literal words.  If you doubt the essential truth of this, do a little research on what’s happening in European countries like Denmark and Norway, where between 65 and 70 per cent of rapes are committed by Muslim immigrants.  This should give you a running start. Little Green Footballs (see my Blogroll) is sure to have loads and loads of info on this phenomenon as well.

Christian fundamentalists are the favorite bugaboo of liberals (except for George W. Bush, of course).  Baptist preachers who oppose abortion and think hummasexshuls are immoral dominate the darkest fantasies of the Left, yet liberals worry not at all when confronted by a religion whose Book and clerical/scholarly class, stubbornly clinging to a unreformed medieval creed, promise only death or slavery for them.   Disgusting.

Liberals also want us ladies to hand over our firearms and depend on sheer luck or (feel free to vomit anytime) the cops to defend us.  After all, violence only breeds more violence.  It’s better for society if you just lie back and take it.   The rape of the West, writ small. 

Hat tip to J. Kaiser , Before It Happens, and the invaluable


~ by lewdandlascivious on March 14, 2007.

3 Responses to “It would be amusing if it didn’t put the rest of us in danger. . .”

  1. I *heart* MEMRI.

  2. Thanks for the nod and thanks to J for putting me on to this site:)

  3. No problem, Fang! And welcome!

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