Right On, KFC!

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s parent company, Yum!Restaurants (love the name!) has taken a stand against the newest Nanny State trend: banning trans fat.  The Australian federal government hosted a meeting of industry leaders concerning the September deadline for the removal of all trans fats, and reduction in the use of saturated fats.  Yum!Restaurants told the Nannies to take a flying f*** (metaphorically speaking, of course):

Yum! Restaurants said in a statement released after the meeting that KFC Australia had been using palm oil – which is 52 per cent saturated fat – “for many years” and had no intention of converting to a healthier cooking oil. “Palm oil has less than 1 per cent trans fats, and as a result our chicken and chips all contain less than 0.1 per cent trans fat,” the statement said. “As these levels are already extremely low, we have no plans to change our recipes or processes from this.”

Right on, KFC.  Right on.  It’s infuriating that the idiocy of trans fat banning even needs to be discussed, but that’s where comtemporary liberalism has brought us: we can’t even eat what we want to anymore.  So here we are, discussing why people should be left alone to eat unhealthy foods if they so desire.

Everyone knows that fried chicken and every other form of greasy deliciousness at KFC is, in one way or another, bad for you, and anyone who does not know this really needs to be weeded out of the gene pool anyway.  If the government is worried about not being able to fund fat people’s quadruple bypasses and home health care, why, perhaps the government should consider cutting off health care welfare before it eliminates the basic liberties of its citizens.  The government has no “compelling interest” in keeping citizens within a certain body mass index (BMI).  If the government has created such an “interest” for itself, that means the government has already egregiously overstepped its bounds.

So trans and saturated fats are bad for you? Fine.  Require restaurants to provide such nutritional information to customers, and let them make their own informed choice.     

Responding to Yum! Restaurants’s statement after yesterday’s meeting, Mr Pyne [Assistant Health Minister of Australia] said: “Everyone made a commitment to return in September with a plan how to reduce both trans fats and saturated fats. [Yum! Restaurants] were part of that meeting, and they signed up by omission. I will be insisting they, too, return in September with a plan for [reducing] both … We are expecting the industry to co-operate in the removal of unhealthy cooking processes, but [if they don’t] there are other tools available to government to achieve this aim.” [emph. added]

Nice.  Translation: “You can try to hold out, but we’ll make you our bitch eventually.” 

This nonsense has caught on in America, too.  How long are we going to put up with it?

~ by lewdandlascivious on March 12, 2007.

One Response to “Right On, KFC!”

  1. Everyone with me? KEEP YOUR LAWS OFF MY BODY!

    Wow, Miss L, you sound like a Slate article. 😉

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