Maybe This is Why There is a “Cycle of Violence”

Here are just a few videos that ought to wake people up (but probably won’t):  Remember, Hamas now controls the Palestinian Authority.  Oh yeah, and also: their charter refuses to recognize the existence of Israel, ever.

A question for the “soft power” and UN fans: how do you negotiate with Islamist whackjobs?  Any ideas?

Oh well, I guess it doesn’t matter.  They’re only killing Jews, right?  Gosh, if those darn Jews would just get out of the Middle East (how dare they occupy a tiny sliver of land!), or at least quit defending themselves. . . if only they would do that, everything would be fine!  We could have “peace” in the Middle East. 

More sweetness and light from the Palestinian branch of the Religion of Peace: 


~ by lewdandlascivious on March 12, 2007.

8 Responses to “Maybe This is Why There is a “Cycle of Violence””

  1. Why don’t they put them in a corner and give them a time out? Maybe no snacks after dinner?

  2. Don’t be rash, TT! I can’t believe you would want to take food out of the mouths of poor Palestinian children with no warnings whatsoever. There should be at least 15 more years’ worth of useless, half-hearted, written condemnations (which of course blame those dirty Jews for having the temerity to fight back).

  3. You should see this kind of mindset in action. Check out this guys post on my blog not too long ago…

    As of this moment it is the only response to that post. Enjoy the lunacy.

  4. well not his post..his comment..sorry.

  5. Wow. I love how it starts off: you can tell he’s holding his crazy back as long as he can. And then BOOM! out it comes like Cujo.

  6. My favorite part had to be the following:

    “Most of the neo-cons are evil Jewish zionists. Liberals are for the most part Jews out of the northeast and 60% of democrat’s campaign money comes from Jews.”

    He dislikes Zionists so much that he must refuse to capitalize their proper title! He also described himself as a Democrat- priceless. I felt bad that he didn’t include a link to a blog with similar rants. But then I realized I should feel sorry for this fellow and thought I needed to pray for him.

  7. Yeah, he’s got it all twisted. I think as a general rule, anytime your thoughts on Israel sound like a press release from Hamas, al-Qaeda, Hizbullah, or Iran, you really need to step back and get some dang therapy. Or at the very least, admit to yourself that something is seriously, seriously wrong in your head.

  8. Sigh. Right idea, J. Kaiser… just a little misguided.

    Taking away snack time only works when snacks are the highlight of your day (aside from kickball at recess). When little kids fight over a toy, neither one of them gets it. That is the solution to all land conflicts. Can’t share? We’ll take it away.

    Can’t play nice with the other kids? Then you get a time-out. In big boy world, time-outs happen in Gitmo. 😉

    As for the global warming guy… hee hee! The crazy did come pouring out. Conservative thugs: I love it! We’re no longer a vast, right-wing conspiracy; we’re bad boyz.

    Miss L: No drug therapy. Go straight for the lobotomy.

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