Dear Sweet Lord.

“The Last Unicorn” is on Flix right now.  1982, baby.  Maaaaaaannnnn.

I haven’t seen this movie since it came out, when I was a little kid–ever done that?  The flashbacks are so much more powerful: you remember things you thought you’d forgotten.  I’m remembering all the cheesy things about this movie. . .the voice of the unicorn (just looked it up: Mia Farrow), the big-nosed wizard (Wizard Schmendrick) who befriends the unicorn (drawn to look like the nerdy little brother of David Duchovny), that scene with the evil buzzard thing, the pseudo-medieval flute-and-drum score…..AAAAHHHH! 

This movie was all the rage among the elementary-school set when it came out.  Budding artist that I was (although my taste clearly left much to be desired), I never tired of drawing scenes with the unicorn (drawn exactly as it was in the film–tiny nose, wisps of hair at the ankles, long curlicued mane and tail, ginormous blue eyes with super long lashes, etc.).

I am old.


~ by lewdandlascivious on March 10, 2007.

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