Time to Bring Law & Order to the White House?

Well, apparently sleep is not going to come easily tonight (I hope a certain pachyderm friend of mine won’t be offended–I ended our IM conversation under the impression that I would be going to sleep). 

Might as well blog. 

Here is an idea I would love to see hit the mainstream–Fred Thompson for President? Or Vice President?  I, for one, think it’s a terrific idea–just the kind of out-of-right-field brainstorm a lot of us conservatives have been pining for.  I’ve had the nagging, painful feeling that the candidates mentioned for the Republican ticket so far–with the notable exception of Rudy Giuliani–have been reaches (Mitt Romney especially).  But Fred Thompson. . .now there’s an idea. 

I’m eager to learn more about his ideas and policy positions (especially in regards to foreign policy: I hear he’s Reaganesque in that regard), but one thing I know and like already is that the man has a life outside of politics.  I strongly and instinctively distrust to-the-Beltway-born politicos, whether they’re Republican or Democrat.  You know the type: they seem to think the U.S. just can’t go on without them in public office.  Like Bush, who will leave the presidency and happily go back to his life on his ranch in Texas, Thompson can thrive outside the Beltway.  This carries major weight with me because it reveals character traits I consider absolutely essential for America’s highest office: humility and perspective on one’s position as a civil servant.  It’s the difference between a man who sees the presidency as vindication of his personal importance and an ego-gratifying extension of his individual identity, and a man who steps into the role strictly as a servant of the citizens he represents. 

Throw your hat in, Fred! Let’s hear more about you.


~ by lewdandlascivious on March 8, 2007.

7 Responses to “Time to Bring Law & Order to the White House?”

  1. HARRUMPH. (I hope a certain pachyderm friend of mine won’t be offended–I ended our IM conversation under the impression that I would be going to sleep).

    If you were to end an IM conversation, on pretense of sleep but really on account of an IP who happened to stroll through your door, that I could take.

    {{Insert lots of elephant snorts and water-squirting in your general direction.}}


  2. Hahaha! I really did try to go to bed. It just wasn’t happenin’. And you weren’t online anymore. Valium for the harrumphing pachyderm! 😉

  3. Valium? VALIUM? Why not Maker’s Mark?

  4. Why not both? 😉

  5. I don’t take drugs. Never had Valium and don’t want to start now. After I was hit by a car (the second time, not the first time), my friends threatened to hold me down and force ibuprofen down my throat.

  6. I’m just playin with you sugar boo. I admire your toughness (the pachyderm is NAILS, and that is a fact).

  7. :p

    Love you, too! MWAH! 🙂

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