Talk About Sex Education!

Last November, two sixth grade students at an Indianapolis middle school had sex during shop class, in full view of at least 10 other students and while the teacher was present in the classroom.

Sixth graders.

I’d like a liberal to explain to me again why it would be such a bad thing to teach and discuss abstinence in the classroom along with the standard birds-and-the-bees curriculum?  Can only fundamentalist Christians come to the conclusion that it’s a bad thing for sixth-graders to be having sex anywhere, much less during class?  Why do so many liberals think more sex education is needed?  The fact is, anyone in this country over the age of 7 is inundated with sex, sex, sex from every direction.  It pains me to say that most 15-year-olds probably know as much about sex as I do (and I know quite a bit more than I should, I’m afraid).

Wouldn’t it be better for The Children to teach them the only 100% foolproof way of avoiding pregnancy (abstinence), instead of merely offering them ways to mitigate or “undo”the inevitable results of promiscuity; i.e., condoms and abortions?

~ by lewdandlascivious on March 6, 2007.

One Response to “Talk About Sex Education!”

  1. Well, condoms don’t stop heartbreak – not even a bit – so they are completley useless in the arena of psychological protection. Contrariwise, abstinence can go a long way towards preventing heartache – the heartache of being used, of loving someone so completley that you give your bodies to each other, then never speaking to each other again – not to mention pregnancy and STDs.

    Shop class is about drill bits, not screwing. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

    The assumption is that kids will have sex anyway. The liberal bias is that restricting The Sex is bad, because sex is pleasurable and natural. To answer the rhetorical question: you’re either a sentient human who understands the psychological and physiological implications of sex, or you think that we’re animals.

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