Someone let me know if I’m missing something. . .

. . . but is there any benevolent reason a nation would have an issue with other countries building missile defense systems?  Or is Putin’s Russia finally abandoning the pretense that it is an ally of the West?

I find this quote from the Russian Security Council particularly infuriating: 

“Armed forces are being used above all as a principal instrument for pursuing the economic and political interests of countries” in the West.

I think we all know they’re talking about the United States here.  I’m sorry, but if the U.S. launched war against Afghanistan and Iraq to further our political and economic interests, we would’ve acted like the imperialists we’re daily accused of being; to wit, we would have taken over the oil fields of Iraq and declared it a brand-new U.S. territory, as we most certainly are capable of doing.  In fact, we would’ve done it in 1991.  But we haven’t.  If anything, we’ve fought this war in a way that suspends our economic and political interests, for the sake of pretending that the paper-shuffling and corruption of the U.N. (the secular gods of “international law”) are remotely capable of dealing with the world’s Crazy Muslim problem.  


~ by lewdandlascivious on March 5, 2007.

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