In lame attempt to be clever, Mike Huckabee quotes Ashton Kutcher movie

Well this just proves it: Mike Huckabee is one hip cat.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Friday that conservatives may be asking themselves, “Dude, where’s my candidate?”  While admitting he lacks the name recognition and financial backing of the big three, Huckabee observed that “if celebrity and money were the most important factors in becoming president of the United States, then Paris Hilton would be president.”

Bite your tongue, Governor.  We are in danger of having a President Obama, who is only barely more qualified than Paris Hilton to be President.

I agree with some of Huckabee’s positions, and I like the fact that he states them frankly, with no bullshit.  That’s a rare quality in a politician (and one of my very favorite things about my beloved Dubs).  But overall, I just don’t like the guy: his Big Nurse tendencies cancel out any conservative appeal he might otherwise have.  You see, Mike lost a bunch of weight a few years ago, and wrote a book about it.  Like many obese people who pull off the (admittedly notable) achievement of losing massive amounts of weight, Mike acts as if he’s the first person in history ever to drop pounds and get in shape, and he thinks it’s high time everyone else did it too.  Although Mike spent the great majority of his adulthood fat and lazy, now that he’s seen the light, he doesn’t want anyone else to have that luxury.  He knows what’s best for all of us. 

 Huckabee’s political philosophy is not simply a parroting of positions favored by social conservatives; rather, it is an attempt to fuse social and fiscal concerns. . . .The best example of the intermingling of the social and the fiscal, according to Huckabee, is on health care — on which 16 percent of America’s gross national product is spent. To hear him tell it, 75 percent of health care costs are caused by chronic disease, and the root causes of chronic disease are overeating, smoking and inactivity. “Change those three behaviors [emph. added] and there’s a dramatic shift,” argued Huckabee. “The one thing that will really change America is to go from a disease focus to a health focus.”

Hmm.  I wonder how Huckabee would go about doing this?  I just don’t trust the federal government to dabble in people’s personal eating/health choices and not end up banning certain foods and mandating other ones.  It’s all too easy to envision the creation of a National Agency of Weight Management, requiring an elephantine bureaucracy to weigh and micromanage the food choices of citizens, all “for our own good,” of course.  I’m not saying Huckabee would do it himself, but he could certainly put us on the short path. 

In regards to smoking, I’d respect Huckabee a lot more if he just came out and said he would ban smoking.  If it’s so damn dangerous and deadly, shouldn’t it just be banned?  Oh, that’s right.  The government gets way too much tax revenue from smokers and cigarette manufacturers. 

~ by lewdandlascivious on March 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “In lame attempt to be clever, Mike Huckabee quotes Ashton Kutcher movie”

  1. Yep, the smoking thing is a classic government win-win scenario. More smoking = more taxes. More regulation = more government jobs.

    I am a big fan of Health Savings Accounts. The more people see the cause and effect of their health care spending the more pressure there will be to reduce costs, the less government will have to be involved and the more incentive there will be for people to be healthier.

  2. P.S. Cool looking blog; gotta love the sword!

  3. Thanks, Neil!
    I agree about the HSAs. I think the “crisis” of rising health care costs could pretty much be solved if we had more of those, combined with tort reform and an immediate cutoff of all free health care for layabouts/illegal immigrants. Ah, a girl has to dream…….

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