Elitist Leftist Mag Defends the Energy Hog

The day after the Oscars, the Tennessee Center for Policy Research reported on consumption of energy at Al Gore’s home in Tennessee.  Now, David Roberts, a writer for the online environmental magazine Grist, has struck back. http://gristmill.grist.org/story/2007/2/28/155124/075

In true leftist style, Roberts tries to delegitimize TCPR’s report as a vindictive attack on Saint Gore, aka the Energy Hog, and he does this by launching his own attack on TCPR.  Get a load of this: as evidence of TCPR’s worthlessness, Roberts claims that the Tennessee Tax Department does not consider TCPR a legitimate group.  Does anyone know what this is supposed to mean? I take it to mean that TCPR is not a tax-paying entity and therefore not on the radar of the state’s tax department; therefore, in the eyes of the state bloodsuckers, it’s illegitimate.  At any rate, what strikes me is how Roberts cites the Tax Man as the ultimate authority on TCPR’s legitimacy–no further explanation needed.  If the Tax Man doesn’t acknowledge your existence or legitimacy, your views are illegitimate and wrong.  It’s axiomatic. 

Here’s the website for TCPR: http://www.tennesseepolicy.org/main/page.php?page_id=1   Looks pretty legit to me.  Did Roberts notice that TCPR is a nonprofit organization?  Well, no wonder the state tax department doesn’t like them!  

Roberts also sneers that “roughly no one had heard of” TCPR before this, and that it is “run by a long-time right-wing attack hack, and its only registered address is a P.O. box.” This is just silly.  I bet Mr. Roberts would just about cream his jeans if a small, unfunded leftist group, run out of some guy’s house or by like minds on the Internet, exposed some sort of nefarious or hypocritical behavior on the part of a Republican.  He would rhapsodize about freedom of speech and the steely courage of the “little guy” speaking truth to power.  Conversely, if the report on the energy consumption of St. Gore had been released by a large, well-funded, venerable institution like the Heritage Foundation, Roberts would think it illegitimate because of those characteristics–i.e., because it did not come from an independent, shoestring-budget source.

But here’s the coup de grace:

The larger point, which probably won’t work well as a cable-show soundbite but is nonetheless true, is that Gore has done heroic work making global warming a top issue for governments the world over. He has prompted more individual and collective action on this issue than anyone else alive. The changes he has wrought outweigh his personal carbon emissions by many orders of magnitude.

Can you imagine Roberts celebrating this kind of hypocrisy in, say, a Baptist preacher?   

First, I’m curious as to what, exactly, the Energy Hog has changed anywhere, for anyone, at any time.  When it comes to global warming he’s the direct cause of a whole lot of hot air emissions, and he’s prompted more individual and collective verbal flatulence than anyone else alive–that’s for sure–but change?  Please.


~ by lewdandlascivious on March 1, 2007.

One Response to “Elitist Leftist Mag Defends the Energy Hog”

  1. Babe, if you don’t understand the logic, read it in conjunction with your blog post, directly below. For many people, the measure of morality is not what a person does, but what a person condemns or berates others into doing.

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